In the memory of lost branches

It was one scary night,

There was no moon in the sight.

Just wild breeze and rough wind,

Thrashing your bones to fall apart!

But, this is not something new,

The survival skill you always knew.

You fought bravely with all heart,

But you did not know the opposition was strong built.

The lost ones never come back,

Those who survived will go in shack.

But see you are still standing tall,

There is a crowd every now and then to howl.

Drops of tears can never fix what’s broken,

Now it’s time to be awake from the state of being shaken.

Learning from every fall,

This is how one grows tall.


About Runaway Lassie

We all have stories. Stories from childhood, growing up, our young days and mid years of adulthood, and eventually growing older... Life is so interesting, isn't it? I'll try my best to blog as much as I can, everyday.
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9 Responses to In the memory of lost branches

  1. andysmerdon says:

    I like both the words and the pictures 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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