Tales of Mangroves to deteriorating nature and ecosystem


Mangroves that are the protectors of wetlands, their branches embracing the skies, roots piercing the surface of water and there is an eternal hum of the bees and fishes rushing through its roots. Mangroves have been shelter to countless living organisms that play major role in the ecosystem of Earth. It is the only tree that can withstand salinity of water supporters of diverse life forms. This the work by artist Vipin K. Nair whose life is touched and inspired by the mechanism of nature and the way it nurtures life.


Most of my childhood I have spent around Mangroves and this is the sole inspiration behind my work. I grew up in a house close to Mangrove forest. There are so many nostalgic memories rooted deep inside my mind, the bizarre trees, sprouted seeds of mangroves that find their own way towards the marshes, their struggle for survival is unique and nature has designed them in a way that they are capable of protecting lives from natural calamities like flood, explains the artist with a Palaeolithic conscience.


Artists Ashil Antony, Surekha Sreejith, Vikashini and Vipin K Nair have come together to host a group show ‘Impasto’, an art exhibition cum sale at Jenneys Residency in Coimbatore from April 28, 2017 to till May 15, 2017 from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm.


Surekha has brought six of her colourful paintings on nature and women. “I’ve always found myself close to the topic of nature and women. All my paintings are real life inspirations, clips my mind capture when I go for morning walk and look around the greenery, the perfect cottony sky, the dusky red sun or the calming full-moon,” shares the artist who quit her full-time profession of jewellery designer to follow her heart for her passion art.


Artist Ashil Antony had been sharing his anxiety over the deteriorating condition of nature through his series of works titled deforestation for so long. His work represents the victimised ecosystem due to the greed of humanity. The apples reminiscent of the fall of Adam and Eve, represent the people, who have turned to be indiscriminate consumers of all that tempt. In this series of paintings Mother Teresa, indifferent to such desires, is contrasted to the viewers who fall to the temptations of the market that creates delusive need and desire which at the other end ruins the nature and exterminates the beings in it. A deer deprived of its habitat representing the ecosystem, still looks to such noble hearts for asylum and places hope in the humanity.


‘Back to the Roots’, a series by artist Vikashini about an exploration of the diverse country, India enriched with varied heritage, cultural backgrounds, rituals, festivals, beliefs, indigenous breeds, sculptures, history and dances are the main emphasis on this series.


She believes that art is her meditative tool and every artwork is created with the synergy of mind and the colourful imaginary world that she sees through her mind is portrayed through her palette, knife and mixed media on canvas with texture and 3D effects.


About Runaway Lassie

Life is a box of chocolates. Sometimes it brings sugary sweetness and sometimes bitter, in the raw form of cocoa. Life takes different turns. Those turns and curves turnout to be the important turnovers of our lives. They form the foundation of major decision we take every day. Sometimes I worry too much about the 'what if' situation and over think what I do. But, most of the days I let go of those pointless 'what if' thoughts and talk to myself, "Listen! Being right or wrong doesn't really matter. So, just chill and be happy! Do and say everything you think you cannot say nor do it. Just let it out." It is easy for us to bottle our emotions up and hide it from the world. Years pass by and we earn the degree with a specialisation in the area of 'Pretention'. But, the real degree would be the 'Real Courage' of letting things out of the bottle. Let yourself be expressed in however way you find it is possible. Choose your medium; it could be art or writing. It is the best way you can get someone to understand you. Lassie was born in a small town in the North-Eastern corner of the foothills of Himalayas. People often mistake it by assuming it belongs to another state and Lassie never gets tired or irritated in repeating the same script to throw some light on her small heritage town that has player an important part in the history of Indian Independence. This blog is an effort to let myself open and share my thoughts out of the bottle. Most of the events and incidents recorded here are derived from real life experiences. Sometimes I vent out using the poetry tool when I ran out of long paragraphs.
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3 Responses to Tales of Mangroves to deteriorating nature and ecosystem

  1. Amrita Rao says:

    Everyone can’t paint

  2. andysmerdon says:

    I love these artworks! Thanks for sharing. And I also am a big fan of mangroves and the work the do to keep our oceans/rivers clean and provide safe harbour for young fish 🙂

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