Pick a gift

The 12-year old V. T. Khanishkar is sitting holding his chair, waiting for the programme to start and he get hold of his favourite bi-cycle. A little excitement can be seen in his eyes when I ask, “What have you asked for as a gift?” Bright smile appears on his face, and he gleams, “I want a super fast bi-cycle with gear and I will ride it for days.”

His father, T. Vijaykumar is a daily wage labour and it was last year in April when he found out that his son has brain tumour. He is undergoing treatment at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital. Khanishkar also loves painting, travelling and seeing new places.
Around 50 children between the age group of two to over 18 are visiting the Brookefields Mall every evening from February 18 to 22, 2017. Aroh, Giving Hope, a non-profitable organisation has been making the wish of children with cancer come true by getting them the gifts they have always wished for. All the children are from economically poor background.

These are children under treatment in different city hospitals right now. We have asked them what they would like to have and are giving them their wishes. Aroh has tied up with different schools and dignitaries for this event. Around 10 children with cancer come everyday to the mall to receive gifts of their wish. The gifts are sponsored by different schools in town. This is to encourage them,” said Bindu Nair, founder and managing trustee of Aroh, Giving Hope.

The gifts in the list of children are Barbie dolls, bi-cycles; dress like glittery princess gowns, anklets, video games, beds, tabs, and over 16 children are also given smart phones.

An 11-year old girl, Fasila from Tirupur who is undergoing treatment for blood cancer has wishes for visiting Taj Mahal. “We will be arranging her trip after the board exams,” said Bindu.


About Runaway Lassie

We all have stories. Stories from childhood, growing up, our young days and mid years of adulthood, and eventually growing older... Life is so interesting, isn't it? I'll try my best to blog as much as I can, everyday.
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One Response to Pick a gift

  1. andysmerdon says:

    such a descent and caring venture – it makes me hopeful, and I live half way around the world from you 🙂

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