Don’t fly away

Already it is July,

The wind is blowing too strong to fly.

Don’t you think of leaving now!

Come home, to my warm home,

You can settle or wander on my shoes or wall,

We will watch rainbow from my window.

I’ll not let anything hurt your soft wings,

Daddy will get fresh nectar for you.

Dear Butterfly, 

Don’t fly away! 

Some days I doodle and get into the shoes of a six-year old who thinks simple with no twisted rhyming words in the end of every sentence. 
I have faded memories from my childhood when I used to chase butterflies for hours in the playground. I always wished if they could live with me in our home, sit next to me, watch me read books and sing a song.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get a butterfly, the wild child got an evil idea of capturing them inside glass bottles. And I did. I captured one and brought it home. I was so excited, feeling top of the world.

“Maa, maa…maa… See what I have got inside this jar!” 

She wasn’t as excited as I was. I was expecting a bravery pat on my back. But, I got frown brows followed by, “Come with me! You see this water tank your father got yesterday to install on the rooftop? You go, get inside and let me lock you from outside.”

“No, are you crazy? Why would you do that to your own child? It will be so dark inside and if you lock me, I will find it difficult to breathe air. I will probably die. No, I’m not obeying you, Maa.”

“If you feel so, how can you close this little beautiful butterfly inside this jar? What kind of monster does that? Let it be in the garden where it belongs, where it is happy. Why are you separating this little thing from its family? How would you feel if someone does that to you?” 

Mother’s words hit me inside. I cried for hurting the butterfly. I ran and ran long to the garden and let it fly away. 


About Runaway Lassie

Life is a box of chocolates. Sometimes it brings sugary sweetness and sometimes bitter, in the raw form of cocoa. Life takes different turns. Those turns and curves turnout to be the important turnovers of our lives. They form the foundation of major decision we take every day. Sometimes I worry too much about the 'what if' situation and over think what I do. But, most of the days I let go of those pointless 'what if' thoughts and talk to myself, "Listen! Being right or wrong doesn't really matter. So, just chill and be happy! Do and say everything you think you cannot say nor do it. Just let it out." It is easy for us to bottle our emotions up and hide it from the world. Years pass by and we earn the degree with a specialisation in the area of 'Pretention'. But, the real degree would be the 'Real Courage' of letting things out of the bottle. Let yourself be expressed in however way you find it is possible. Choose your medium; it could be art or writing. It is the best way you can get someone to understand you. Lassie was born in a small town in the North-Eastern corner of the foothills of Himalayas. People often mistake it by assuming it belongs to another state and Lassie never gets tired or irritated in repeating the same script to throw some light on her small heritage town that has player an important part in the history of Indian Independence. This blog is an effort to let myself open and share my thoughts out of the bottle. Most of the events and incidents recorded here are derived from real life experiences. Sometimes I vent out using the poetry tool when I ran out of long paragraphs.
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