To the restless mind

To the restless mind,

Why do you keep wandering?

Why do you keep worrying?

Active, busy, hustle mind,

Be for you just a little kind!

You feel sad for losing so much,

You feel nothing for not feeling anything as such.

Bring some therapy to you,

Add some peace in you.

Like they say, just take a deep breathe,

And while you breathe out all your worries, be gentle.

Life comes just like the mega Indian thali,

It has different taste in every region of the country.

Food has different colours too,

And every dish do not taste the same, so shoo!

Sometimes it is hot,

Sometimes it not!

And there is a variety in sweets as well,

A rasmalai is not as same as sandwich malai.

So when the life is hot, spicy with a tint of sweetness,

Why not you learn to adapt and live with generousness?

Be calm, be compact,

Stop complaining that you don’t have that.

So, dear restless mind,

Get some peace in the warm blanket that’s in your favourite red.

Be happy, keep some peace,

That’s the only way you can enjoy the sweets.


About Runaway Lassie

We all have stories. Stories from childhood, growing up, our young days and mid years of adulthood, and eventually growing older... Life is so interesting, isn't it? I'll try my best to blog as much as I can, everyday.
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