Deep in the darkness

Not always the darkness has to be evil.

Not always the light has to bring good.

To the restless inner self,

These dark deep blue sky and hills,


Brings freshness, a new hope to live.

The calmness that I often long for,

On days like this when no one is around,

On days when I find myself lost in the crowd,

This darkness shows me some good.

They pull and push some air in me.

I drink them and consume them like a fuel.

Mother always say, “Do not be afraid of the dark!”

“But isn’t it true that darkness equates to evil,” I ask.

Not always the darkness has to be evil.

Not always the light has to bring good.

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Zero cash!

On days like this,

When I feel so restless,

Someone just asked me-

Three years gone,

How much have you saved?

How much have you invested to get in return?

I ponder and wonder…

My mind goes on a run, very long,

I pause and breathe.

My lungs go dry and I skin can’t feel the breeze.

I pant and gasp,

My subconscious asks me to relax.

Like every year I do this promise, for once again,

Get up, repeat and keep repeating in your head—

“I will save. I will save. I will save.”

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A bucketful of embarrass romance 

“Hello! Wait! It’s my basket. I kept it here. It’s MINE!”

“Oh!” -He drops the basket immediately over a pile of oranges where I kept it first. I see him accompanied by a little boy, who must be around 12. I’m guessing this little boy to be his nephew or cousin brother because he definitely doesn’t seem to be his father. I’m hoping he is not married as I don’t see him wearing any engagement ring either. He is in a blue and purple football jersey and shorts. He is extremely cute and the dimple in his cheeks makes him adorable.

While I converse with my mother who is on the line discussing some serious family issues where I’m supposed to give her a sympathetic gesture, I instead laughed out for what happened just now. The cute jersey guy and his little friend too couldn’t control their laughter. It has been a funny and embarrassing situation.

“What are you laughing at?” My mother sounds annoyed hearing me laugh. “No, nothing, I’m really sorry, Maa! I didn’t mean to offend you. There’s this guy taking away the basket I picked to get fruits so, I snapped at him and he is intimidated.”

“Grow up! Stop scaring guys around you. No wonder you don’t get dates.”

“Maa! Stop it! I’m hanging up now. Bye!”

I see them changing their direction away from me but, I caught the cute eyes gazing at me constantly from a distant. We exchanged smiles but, our third smile 10 meters away from each other in the shopping complex is interrupted by the little boy. I laughed again dropping two mangoes from the shelf. “Hello! I am sorry for scaring you guys. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s alright, we understand. You’re really sweet and cute!” Winks the little boy and these is a sign of embarrament on the jersey guy’s face. We both are like, facepalmed.

The embarrassment continued to follow us. He stood just next to me at the billing counter. I turned back to get my wallet out of my backpack and there he is, I caught him smelling my hair. Damn! The little boy is like recording all this with his detective eyes. He winks at me again! Facepalm!

Some stories are not meant to proceed. They are sweet and short. I left the store with a smile on my face. I turned back and caught them again gazing at me. “Damn!” I bit my lips in embarrassment.

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For the endings that are to end…

Wear a smile and let things end. 

For endings aren’t as terrifying as people think. 

Endings are cleansing. 

Endings are healing. 

Endings are real. 

Endings are important. 

Bid adieu to endings. 

For endings are to end at one point. 

Make room for new memories.

May be this time you’d find the right ones.

Never forget to celebrate endings.

Just like the new beginnings.

For every endings holds the blessings of new innings.

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Not so dear any more

Dear past,

No matter how hard I try to let go and not to think of you, there will always be the remains of you holding the memories, finding its way back to me.

You crawl; you sweep in to my skin in the form of anxiety. I then have disturbed sleep and severe anxiety attacks. I break my nicely grown nails. I scratch my skin. I stop looking after myself, my cheeks crack, my skin goes dry and my once a beautiful straight silky healthy hair starts falling and greying. Why do you keep coming back and forth like the waves of the sea blown and tossed by the wind?!?

Look, I am tired! I am exhausted! I beg your pardon; please let yourself out of my skin. For I need to breathe, I want to feel the inhale and exhale process once again. I want the wind in my hair to make me bright and shine for all over again. I can’t go through this palpitation every day and night. Just get off my body for an hour please!

Sometimes it feels like my body is no longer mine. There is some ghost riding me, commanding me to be depressed, to feel low, and to not sleep but binge cookies late nights.

Do you even have a tiny little dot of mercy on me? Do you, ‘Not so dear Past’?

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Pick a gift

The 12-year old V. T. Khanishkar is sitting holding his chair, waiting for the programme to start and he get hold of his favourite bi-cycle. A little excitement can be seen in his eyes when I ask, “What have you asked for as a gift?” Bright smile appears on his face, and he gleams, “I want a super fast bi-cycle with gear and I will ride it for days.”

His father, T. Vijaykumar is a daily wage labour and it was last year in April when he found out that his son has brain tumour. He is undergoing treatment at Kovai Medical Center and Hospital. Khanishkar also loves painting, travelling and seeing new places.
Around 50 children between the age group of two to over 18 are visiting the Brookefields Mall every evening from February 18 to 22, 2017. Aroh, Giving Hope, a non-profitable organisation has been making the wish of children with cancer come true by getting them the gifts they have always wished for. All the children are from economically poor background.

These are children under treatment in different city hospitals right now. We have asked them what they would like to have and are giving them their wishes. Aroh has tied up with different schools and dignitaries for this event. Around 10 children with cancer come everyday to the mall to receive gifts of their wish. The gifts are sponsored by different schools in town. This is to encourage them,” said Bindu Nair, founder and managing trustee of Aroh, Giving Hope.

The gifts in the list of children are Barbie dolls, bi-cycles; dress like glittery princess gowns, anklets, video games, beds, tabs, and over 16 children are also given smart phones.

An 11-year old girl, Fasila from Tirupur who is undergoing treatment for blood cancer has wishes for visiting Taj Mahal. “We will be arranging her trip after the board exams,” said Bindu.

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​Mega book collection for the govt school students

Sharing an interesting event and it is a little close to my heart.

So, this is an NGO started by a group of college students in 2015. Today they have started a mass book collection drive for one week at the Brookefields Mall in Coimbatore.

When I visited, I am welcomed by a cheerful little Minion in a small kiosk coloured in blue and yellow to everyone; it says ‘Book Drop’ pointing at its wide funny open mouth.

IMG_0197 (1).JPG

There is an attractive book tree piled up in the centre of the kiosk that has a collection of story books, picture books, dictionary’s, inspirational and motivational books, science, encyclopedias, mathematics, general knowledge, puzzles, fictions, non-fictions, educational CD’s, inspiring movie CD’s for children and audio books too.


“These are all by the donors who are walking in and donating new and gently used books. This is our second mega book collection drive. Last year we have collected 15, 000 books to set up Dr. Kalam library in twenty corporation and government schools,” said S. Baranidaran, one of the founder trustees of The Arc Foundation India.


The book drive collection has been started from today and is on till June 4, 2017. The volunteers and team members of The Arc Foundation India are also collecting books from door steps, one just need to dial +91-9364123123.

The Arc Foundation India, a registered Ngo trust established in the year 2015 has been successfully working along with district administration , Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation and various other organisations. They are a team of 150 members based out of Coimbatore and has it chapters at Cuddalore, Pondicherry and Chennai.

Their major initiatives are Dr. Kalam Library,  Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidhyalaya, Gift Organ Give Life, adoption of Sri Sadhguru Adhivasi Palli -Kallar, Medical Surgeries and aid, women and transgender empowerment.

There is a story telling session where children walk-in and tell their favourite stories. “Next week we have grandma’s joining at the kiosk for the story telling session. We have already received numerous calls from senior citizens who are excited to be a part of this project. All the collected books will be donated to the Dr. Kalam Libraries set up at the government and corporation schools. We wish to collect more than 1, 00,000 lakhs books through this drive,” said M.A. Aparna, one of the founder trustees of the Ngo.

IMG-20170527-WA0015 (1).jpg

After the week kiosk at the Mall, the Ngo would put up similar stalls in schools and colleges to collect more books. Except school academic books and magazines, any kind of books that would be helpful and interest children, are welcome.

Dr. Kalam Library is an initiative of The Arc Foundation India and Coimbatore Corporation to set up colour themed libraries at 100 local Government and Corporation School and also involve in activating the libraries through various storytelling activities, literacy and cultural programme and competitions.


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